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  tidsbit-1Festive Cooking Made Easy with Kenwood’s Range of Kitchen Machines

Kenwood, makers of innovative and stylish kitchen products, inspires creativity this Eid and offers an opportunity to whip-up favourite meals with its extensive range of kitchen machines.

Kenwood’s five products in the kitchen machine range, including the Cooking Chef, Chef Titanium, Chef Classic, Chef Premier and Chef Prospero, offer the versatility to simplify manual processes involved in putting together gourmet Eid meals, while ensuring the finest quality output for the discerning user.

tidbits-2The Change Initiative inaugurates
its very own Bakery

The Change Initiative, a one stop marketplace for sustainable solutions, has now launched a bakery within its premises. Inspired by the art of bread-making, a huge variety of breads are available at the bakery, all suited to the customer’s needs. The breads are crafted by the very best bakers, using natural ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment.

The Change Initiative bread uses an anti-staling process that makes the bread enjoyable right till the last crumb. This process makes sure that the bread is sustainable and lasts for a longer period of time.

tidbits-3London Dairy introduces New Crispy Chocolate Espresso Ice Cream

What could be better than a good strong Italian coffee? How about adding Belgian chocolate? And how about blending that combination into premium ice cream? The result might be a little something like the new Crispy Chocolate Espresso from London Dairy Ice Cream!

Loose yourself in a creamy, coffee-flavored ice cream with swirls of coffee sauce, and prepare for an intense espresso hit, as you bite into the magnificent chocolate coffee crisps – crunchy pieces of ground coffee bean coated with smooth milk chocolate.

Crispy Chocolate Espresso is available in tubs
and as a tempting chocolate-coated stick, so
you can enjoy your perfect ice cream whether you’re at home or on the go. Coffee will never be the same again!