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reader-speakAssia Othman takes time out from her kitchen to have a quick conversation with CookeryPlus…

We decided to feature one of our CookeryPlus readers and chanced upon the extremely talented and beautiful, Assia Othman.

She is very popular in the Middle East both as a food stylist and photographer, and also cooks up amazing Lebanese, Moroccan and Egyptian dishes. She gives full credit to her grandmother for her charming personality who taught her the essence of power, ambition, cooking and moral values.

Assia started cooking after her marriage, where she learnt the tools of the
trade by herself, in her kitchen.
She quotes, “I remember the great feeling and the happiness I had, when my husband and my mother-in-law started appreciating my dishes.” As she started cooking for her family, she realised the potential that food photography and presentation could have on her culinary skills.

She started self-teaching herself through online tutorials and workshops and now, we have Assia today, as one of Middle East’s leading food blogger/chef/stylist and photographer. We ask her a few questions to know more about her culinary expertise and experience.

What kind of cuisine do you cook for your family?

I cook dishes from all kinds of cuisines for my family. We are a foodie family, so we like to try everything from everywhere.

What is your family’s
favourite meal?

My family’s favorite meal is ‘Molokhya’ the famous Egyptian corchorus stew.

When you dine as a family outside, where do you prefer to eat?

We prefer to dine in restaurants which offer dishes from other parts of the Middle East than where I hail from. I am Moroccan and my husband is Egyptian, so we like Lebanese, Syrian and Persian ones.

You have been an avid fan of our magazine. What would you like to suggest to us for future editions?

I hope to see more pages in the magazine.

What kind of cooking tips would you offer to our readers?

As a food writer and stylist, I would like to say that the most beautiful thing in this world is loving food. When you cook with love and passion, you spread beautiful sensations to your family and friends through a delicious meal.

Be creative, try many cuisines… Every country has an important history and rich flavours… Don’t be limited to special recipes. Have your own touch, your own signature, your own breath of cooking in every recipe.

Don’t be afraid of any cooking challenges, they are the first step towards being a good cook!

Do you comfortably manage time between family and work?

I try, but I cannot deny the help of my family and the huge support of my husband. But when you love something, you give it your best and I love every detail of my foodie life.

Which is your favorite section in our magazine?

From now it’s definitely going to  be ‘Readers Speak’! I would like to collect all the food reader’s ideas and suggestions since it helps me to better understand the needs of the readers and based on that I can develop
my own work!


– Assia Othman