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Indulge in your favourite taste without guilt with Noor Lite Mayonnaise

With the growing incidence of obesity in GCC, there is an increasing demand for low fat food ingredients. Consumers are looking for products which offer them health benefits and offer them a guilt free eating experience. The Noor lite mayonnaise’s revolutionary new recipe is developed through extensive consumer research involving housewives in KSA and UAE and its unique plant fiber enriched recipe offers the same great taste as you get with regular mayonnaise, but with 70% less fat content compared to regular Mayonnaise.

This product offers consumers added benefits such as fortification with Vitamin D, E and Omega 3, added plant fibers which help better digestion, 70% less fat with the same great taste as regular mayonnaise and it is also the first fortified Mayonnaise in GCC.

With the new Noor Lite Mayonnaise, health conscious consumers can now “indulge in their favourite taste without any guilt”.

Noor identifies with women who want the best

Noor, the flagship brand in the IFFCO portfolio, offers the best-selling sunflower oil in the GCC*. IFFCO’s genuine concern about the health and fitness of adults and children in the region has continuously been expressed in advertising that educates consumers on the health benefits of a trans-fat free cooking oil, and how Noor Oil not only helps you to prepare delicious meals, but to stay in shape if you lead an active lifestyle.

To broaden the message of Noor Oil, IFFCO has launched a new campaign created by leading advertising agency Face to Face, aimed at sharing the voice of those already loyal to the brand, the enlightened female consumer. In recognizing the importance of the women who are responsible for building a healthy future for the GCC – the so-called ‘women of today’ – the TV, in-store, press and digital communication (facebook.com/myclubnoor) taps into the aspiration of these mothers, wives and daughters to enjoy the best of everything.

Such consumer-centric positioning is already working to make Noor a super brand in the category of basic commodities, where product-centric conformity once dictated the rules of engagement. Noor Oil wasalways for healthier, lighter and tastier food, and now it’s for every woman who believes in saying, “I want the best.”

*ACNielson Retail Audit

With Noor Flavored Mayonnaise Range you can now “Create your taste”

IFFCO is introducing a range of innovative flavored Mayo recipes with a promise to bring international taste customized to local cuisine. All our flavors are 100% natural and true to type.  IFFCO has in its range the classic flavoured mayo offerings of Black pepper/Chilly/Mayo Chup/Lemon and Garlic. Additionally IFFCO will be introducing a first of its kind offering in “Tikka Mayonnaise”. IFFCO’s Tikka Mayonnaise is made with authentic Indian Tandoori flavour and incorporates a unique smoky taste from the Indian clay oven. Now Consumers can enjoy restaurant style Tandoori taste at home using the Tikka Mayonnaise. It can be used to make sandwiches or salads or just as a dip for snacks.

IFFCO’s flavoured Mayo range launched in upside down bottles (easy squeeze with no drip caps) are   Black pepper (Authentic Peppery flavour),  Tikka (Authentic Indian spicy taste), Mayo Chup (Tangy tomato taste- Kids will love it), Lemon (Authentic lemon taste), Garlic (Authentic garlic taste), Chilli (Hot with hint of lemon).