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Love those delectable, crispy, fall-off-the-bone chicken wings? This tasty comfort food can be easily made at home too — just keep these pointers in mind:


  • Choose your sauce with care – the right sauce determines everything. Your best options would be Cayenne Pepper Sauce or Honey BBQ Wing Sauce, which are both easily available.
  • Avoid frying frozen chicken wings, as it will lead to a crunchy outside, but undercooked meat inside. Always defrost the wings before you fry them in hot oil. Or just soak the wings in cold water and they’ll defrost in no time.
  • To give your chicken wings a zany taste, you can make a quick marinade of olive oil, pepper, salt and a few chilli flakes. Coat the chicken in this marinade and pack in a ziplock bag till you are ready to fry them.
  • While frying the wings, avoid crowding them in your fryer, as the pieces might stick to each other.
  • To ensure your wings are well coated and have a glossy finish, put some melted margarine in a bowl and toss the fried chicken wings in them. You can also coat them in the sauce of your choice in this bowl and give them another nice toss, before arranging them on a platter.
  • While serving, you can make a bed of lettuce, and place the chicken wings on them. The sauce will drain on the lettuce, which will be tastier and easy to clean as well.

Reader’s Recipe:

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Contributed by CookeryPlus Reader Francine Spiering, Dubai