The new menu utilises seasonal ingredients and is designed to reflect the variety in the cuisine of Thailand

Goong Mare Nam Pow
Goong Mare Nam Pow is one of the dishes in the new menu

Bold, aromatic flavours are the stars of Mango Tree’s new menu, which embraces fresh ingredients and stays true to traditional tastes.

Showcasing a selection of brand new dishes that feature seasonal ingredients, Mango Tree, one of Dubai’s favourite dining destinations, is set to please. With mouth-watering plates, appetisers and garnishes, the new menu explores an entire spectrum of colour and flavour.

The myriad of delectable new dishes is steeped in originality and zing, in keeping with Mango Tree’s signature style. Highlights include Po Pia Sod Larb Ped, an interpretation of the traditional North Eastern Thai Larb salad (spicy duck), which is served wrapped in rice paper sheets and drizzled with Tamarind reduction.

Interesting new ingredients like snow crab claws from Alaska and Norwegian Salmon have been used in the new menu to further reflect the variety in the cuisine and the chef’s effort to create more interesting combinations of flavours and presentation.

Exceptionally fresh and flavourful dishes abound on a delightfully extensive menu. The exotic flavours, friendly service and relaxed ambiance with exceptional views of the Dubai fountains will leave a lasting impression that lingers like the taste of a satisfying Thai meal.

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