DinnerTime takes the stress out of menu planning and grocery shopping for a busy household with the satisfaction of home cooked meals

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DinnerTime delivers four set family, couple or gluten-free dinners a week, complete with fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes

How many times have you wished that there was a quick and easy way to cook food at home without hunting for the perfect recipe or making round trips to the grocery store? How many times have you wished that you could dig into a delicious and healthy home cooked meal instead of heading to the restaurant every day? Well, if you are living in the Middle East, your wishes have finally come true!

Three Swedish entrepreneurs are behind the up-and-coming DinnerTime concept of a dinner box containing groceries and recipes delivered to your doorstep. DinnerTime UAE LLC was founded by Anette Lind, Cecilia Braidy and Karin Sundström. They have recently joined forces with a combined Cordon Bleu-Ayurvedic chef, Kanika Hughes.

Juggling hectic lives while wanting to preserve valuable family time over home cooked dinners, they decided to bring this already popular concept from Sweden to the Middle East. DinnerTime delivers four set family, couple or gluten-free dinners a week, complete with fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. Since 2011, their customer portfolio has grown steadily as this simple solution to home cooked meals without the stress of menu planning or grocery shopping seems to appeal to the residents of Dubai.

Karin Sundström, Founder & Owner and IT & Customer Services Manager, holds a Master of Science but prefers food to physics. Karin’s three kids are all fussy eaters who are quite happy to try out new DinnerTime recipes, but as a jury they are hard to please.

Anette Lind, Founder & Owner and General Manager has a background in finance, sales and marketing. With an active triathlete husband and a gluten intolerant kid, her focus is on healthy food for the whole family.

dinner-time team
The DinnerTime Team : From top to bottom and left to right : Anette Lind, Cecilia Braidy, Karin Sundström and Kanika Hughes

Cecilia Braidy, Owner and PR & Marketing Manager, has a broad experience of sales and marketing with different companies in the UAE since 1999. Married with three daughters, she can personally vouch for the fact that DinnerTime makes life so much easier for busy women like herself.

Kanika Hughes, Chef, has studied French cuisine and patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu in London, and Ayurvedic and Yogic cooking in Mumbai. This somewhat unorthodox combination describes her approach to cooking: food has to look good, taste good and do good. Since becoming a mother, she has added another essential prerequisite to cooking: it has to achieve all of the above in 30 minutes, tops.

So, the next time you crave home cooked food, all you have to do is log on to www.dinnertime.me and simply order a ‘box’!

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