The popular Turkish street food, a healthy variant of pizza, has been introduced in German Doner Kebab’s menu

Are you a big fan of all kinds of pizza? Do you wish to try the Turkish take on this famous dish? Then German Doner Kebab is where you should be heading!

Lahmacun, Turkish pizza

The international franchiser has introduced the Turkish street food, Lahmacun, in its menu. German Doner Kebab, which offers authentic German kebab preparations, has 9 operational stores in the UAE and an additional 12 stores are soon to open shop in Dubai.

Lahmacun is commonly known as the Turkish pizza, and is an all-time favourite with people of all age groups. It is, however, more popular amongst the younger generation. It’s easy to order and carry, and not too heavy on the wallet, which makes it all the more desirable.

The Lahmacun is a thin crust base topped with minced meat, either veal or chicken, additionally capped with minced onions, tomatoes, parsley and herbs. The base preparation is then baked, which would appeal to the health conscious since it does not involve deep frying. Lahmacun is served with a salad on the side with a healthy mix of vegetables, either tossed or roasted.

“We are excited to announce the arrival of the Turkish Pizza – Lahmacun, in German Doner Kebab’s menu. It is a fairly inexpensive offering in Turkey, which appeals to the youth. We intend to keep it that way for the region, to give everyone a chance to enjoy the Lahmacun. Also, it is a health food and we urge our customers to give it a go without worrying about calories,” commented Farshad Abbaszadeh, CEO, German Doner Kebab.

The Lahmacun, which is available at German Doner Kebab’s JLT outlet from this week, will have a nationwide rollout in the next week. The Turkish fast food dish will be available across the GCC towards the end of September. Starting at AED 15 for the base Lahmacun, you can get it with a salad for an additional AED 5. The Lahmacun with a mix of veal or chicken costs AED 25. A full-option combo is also available for AED 30, which is accompanied by either fries or salad and a beverage.

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