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Creamy Peri-Peri Chicken Livers

Ingredients: chicken liver  130 g peri-peri sauce 150 ml vegetable or olive oil 20 ml Portuguese bread roll 1 Method: Preheat the pan up to 170 degree celsius and add 20 ml of oil. Wait until the pan heats up, then add the chicken livers to the hot pan. Cover with a lid for 3-5 […]

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Picante Chicken

Ingredients: peppadews or picante peppers 20 g chicken breast 200 g cream cheese 20 g feta cheese 30 g bread crumbs 20 g peri-peri marinade 30 ml Method: Mix together the finely chopped peppadews with a tablespoon of cream cheese and an approximately 10 g cube of feta cheese. While mixing these ingredients,  add ½ to 1 teaspoon of bread crumbs […]

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Health On A Budget

Healthy food does not always require shelling out that extra money. Read ahead for budget-friendly foods that boost health yet can be found easily in your kitchen

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