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We all know the old adage about apples, but here are some tips on how to use apples for clear skin

apple picIf you are suffering from tired, stressed out skin, use an apple face mask to brighten your skin instantly. Apple contains vitamins A, B, C and anti-oxidant properties that relieves damage due to constant exposure to dirt and grime.

Apples are also known to treat your skin from sunburns. They contain glycolic acid which helps exfoliate and clear your pores. Apple contains elements which help remove dead skin cells and make skin fairer. It can help remove blemishes. It can help remove blemishes. It is very effective for pimple removal.

Apple pulp when applied on skin can maintain skin pH balance and help get over dangerous skin infections. Take one apple, apply it’s pulp on skin for 20 minutes and wash. After washing, apply moisturiser. This mask is suited for all skin types.

Further benefits
A skin mask is not the only benefit apples provide. Here are a few more

  • Chew an apple after your meal for pearly white teeth.
  • Regular intake of apple helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It is great to use as an anti-ageing mask because of the high content of anti-oxidants.
  • Place slices of apple under your eyes to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.
  • Mash a quarter of an apple with cream milk and apply it on your face to reduce blemishes and dark spots.
  • It also balances oil reduction in your skin and reduces the flow of sebum.
  • Apple is known to be an excellent treatment for acne.
  • Apart from this, apple is also known to provide hydration to your skin. use it as an exfoliant by grating it and applying it all over your face.

So, now we know why an apple a day keeps the doctor away, at-least when it comes to your skin.