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Why sugar should be substituted with jaggery

jaggeryvssugarA lot among us are concerned with the amount of sugar we intake daily to control lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension. To cut down, we resort to artificial sweeteners like aspartame which have almost the same taste but since it is a chemical product, a lot of beneficiary factors that sugar offers are missed out on.

However,  jaggery can be substituted for sugar as it is natural and far more nutritious and healthy for the body than regular sugar. Here are a few facts to highlight the difference between the two:

It is simplest available forms of sucrose
It is instantly absorbed in blood and releases a burst of energy
It is just a sweetner
It is source of empty calories
Sugar interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium
Sugar industry pollutes air, water and soil.
Sugar becomes acidic.

It is far complex than sugar, as it is made up of longer chains of sucrose.
It is digested slower than sugar and releases energy slowly
It is rather a tastemaker and colour maker
It contains iron, cacium, potassium, phoshorus
Jaggery helps in calcium absorption
Jaggery is ecofriendly
Jaggery aids in digestion, as jaggery breaks and becomes alkaline in the digestive system.

So there you have it, nature’s way of making edibles sweeter and healthier.

Source : Shilpa Mittal , Nutritionist and Diet Consultant
Masters in Food Science