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Offers Convenience and Creative Freedom to Inspire Kitchen Brilliance

KENWOOD-PROSPERO-with-with-1-5L-Blender-Food-Processor-CitrusKenwood, makers of innovative and stylish kitchen products, inspires creativity this Eid and offers the opportunity to whip up favourite meals with its extensive range of kitchen machines.

Kenwood’s five products in the kitchen machine range, including the Cooking Chef, Chef Titanium, Chef Classic, Chef Premier and Chef Prospero, offer the versatility to simplify manual processes involved in putting together gourmet Eid meals while ensuring the finest quality output for the discerning user.

From novice food enthusiasts to pro chefs, there is a kitchen machine that suits every need and occasion. The efficient appliances help reduce clutter and time spent in the kitchen even while making it easy to prepare meals with the most basic ingredients.

Furthermore, the handy attachments make cumbersome culinary techniques including kneading dough, baking treats, making pasta from scratch and grinding spices seem fun and easy.

With basic functions such as cutting, slicing, shredding and steaming as well as baking and cooking all rolled into one, Kenwood’s range of kitchen machines encourages users to experiment and infuse creativity into their kitchen space.

Visit www.kenwoodworld.com to make an informed decision about the Kenwood kitchen appliance that suits you best.