Celebrated in some countries around the end of March, and in May internationally, we say every day should be Mother’s Day. Here’s a special cheer to the wonderful mothers out there.

Fotolia_46791398_Subscription_Monthly_XXLDon’t you wish that there comes a day when you don’t have to cook for the entire family? Instead, you can cook just for yourself … just let loose, cuddle into bed with your favourite book and a big bowl of your favourite dessert!

Cooking can be fun, when you do it for yourself and especially when no one is around. You can be a goddess while cooking by simply following your instincts. From self-indulging – ah, those last few licks of cake batter from the bowl can be so temptingly blissful – to trying out a brand new recipe with an ingredient that you absolutely love; whatever the final output maybe, you’ve done it for yourself! It would not get better than this as you stroll around the house, and treat yourself to some mouth-watering dishes.

Cook up a treat for your Mothers