Philips brand ambassador, Jason Vale is back with one mission in mind – to defy the common myths surrounding juicing using his trusted tool, the Philips Avance Juicer. 

Jason-ValeAt Philips Taste of Dubai 2013 held from March 14 to March 16, the Juicemaster was determined to demonstrate how beneficial juicing is to staying fit and healthy. Philips is committed to developing products that enhance people’s lives and offer options for healthy living.

Juices are high in water content and packed with a variety of nutrients in their truest form. They are a great way to clean the system of all toxins packed in throughout the day. The simple reason why juices can do all that they do is because they are natural and in liquid form. The nutrients in liquid form can be easily transported throughout the body, which means the benefits are reaped much faster. In addition to vitamins, minerals and water, fresh juices are packed with amino acids, good carbohydrates and fats as well as beneficial enzymes. Juicing at home isn’t as difficult as one thinks, especially after the development of the modern day juicer. A juicer typically does all the hard work of extracting the nutrients for you. Not only does juicing help in weight loss and keeping fit but it is also a great way to aid your body’s healing while you’re ill.

The Avance Juicer by Philips, the world’s number one juicing brand1, is a device with a unique design, built to maximize the juice output and minimize the cleaning time. The juicer features a patented quick-clean technology which allows for it to be cleaned within a minute. The juicer’s sieve is finely polished, making it very easy to remove fibres caught in the mesh after juicing, as well as a pulp container positioned right under the sieve to collect the pulp for easy disposal. The Philips Avance Juicer can also be easily dissembled and all removable parts can then be put straight into a dishwasher.

Ozlem Fidanci, Vice President and General Manager, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Middle East, Turkey and Africa said: “Improving people’s lives through meaningful innovations is ingrained in Philips’ heritage and the vision for the future. The Juicemaster is the perfect fit for the Philips brand. We’re proud to have Jason Vale on board. He exudes immense passion and enthusiasm about healthy living.”